I don’t use baby colognes from the past especially when baby was still younger since it was not even encouraged by his pedia although when we came here in my country for a vacation and he is already a year older, I did not worry to buy him a cologne to use.

I have one bad experience when it comes to cologne and that was when my baby had a fever and my hubby was taught by a friend whom he followed the instruction to put some scented cologne that he bought from a pharmacy to put into water for baby's’ sponge bath to lower his fever.

Well, it did lower the fever and he was feeling better but his skin got rashes because of the cologne. His skin developed some irritation and I saw some prickly heat looking rashes so I did stopped that certain cologne.

Well, good thing is that Enfant baby cologne was very gentle cologne for my baby’s skin. It does smell good like its powder which is just mild and suited for baby. I don’t happen to encounter any itchiness and rashes when applied to his skin. So I definitely like this product which is also affordable in the budget.

But if you happen to use this product and it was not like the same effect to your baby, just consult your own pedia and dermatologist. It is BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drug) and DOH (Dept. of Health) approved product.


Photo credit by Jingjosam Sorry if the image was a bit blurred, battery almost ran out

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