Actually this is late...Some might have heard of this...

But still...Finally! After a long wait, Elsword will have its server in the Philippines!

Elsword is a 2.5 dimension side-scrolling game with a touch of manga or comics developed by KoG of South Korea.This game is already known widely across the globe and do have servers in different countries .And now it's time for the Philippines, thanks to Garena. Garena, the one who handles "League of Legends" and not to mention other games here in the Philippines will also handle Elsword. On the website,it is announced that they will be open for applications on CBT (Closed Beta Testing) for Elsword here in the Philippines in August 22 this year of 2013.This CBT will be from October 2-8 of 2013 and anyone here from Philippines who have an account of Garena are free to join. There will be benefits for those who will participate in the testing: . Of course,Experience Earn free prizes and giveaways. you can play with limited users. you will learn about the game ahead. and Try and experience different characters’ builds and skills. <<---------------------this is the for those who are interested.

But before you knew it,the Filipino gamers already find their way to enjoy this awesome game by simply downloading the Elsword of U.K. No bypass needed.Thus,making it easier to gain access of the game.And not only with the bypass,but also for it's features that if you're going to compare to upcoming elsword here in our country are more up-to-date and advanced.But we still don't know.Well,for me...I guess I will go on our server,That should be the way it is.

Now,It is sad that there are also some discussions about Grand Chase related stuffs...Having the two sides; Elsword players and The Grand Chase Players contradicting each other.Well,It is true that everything come to have it's negatives and positives.They said it's just the fear of GCPH's downfall,but i gladly wanna tell them it's not.It's just they're imagination.Maybe it's just that there's a little mismanagement in GCPH that the players were complaining of.However,It's not just Philippines.I already seen some strange debates around the net comparing the two. Why not just leave it all out?Guys...Don't take everything seriously.

Anyways,A new non-stop gaming action experience will be experience soon here in the philippines!Challenging quests,Cool story line (LOL ,Grand chase and Elsword have their stories instincts were right...hue!hue!hue!), the graphics,Gameplay, easy to control button scheme and everything in it!

(C) to the owner of the pic.I do not own anything!!! hahaha peace!!Thank you for reading!:P