Do you know someone on Food Stamps? Well it is time to start calling your representatives because the Farm Bill is being passed with the elimination of Food Stamps being apart of it. It has already passed the House with a close vote 217 to 208 on July 22, 2013.

We don't need to focus our attention on Syria since it is not a threat to our own country but eliminating food support for families that are in need ESPECIALLY since we are getting out of a major national job loss. There are A LOT of families that need help and that merger $134 makes a difference.

Food banks give families crappy food full of artificial sugars, food dyes, high in bad fats and low in nutrition. They DON"T give out fresh food or food that needs to be in the fridge or diapers/wipes for young children. It is run on donations of the community or leftovers from the grocery stores. When people buy food for the food banks they don't buy the good food, they buy the cheapest food just to donate something. They have good intentions but the food is not nutritional and instead of donating bags of junk food, donate 1 bag of good food that you would want to feed your family.

Since the food banks don't give food like milk, eggs, butter, cheese, almond milk or food for people with allergies the food stamps make up a little of the difference. That merger $134 a month per person buys diapers and anything else that the food banks do not cover.

Congress feels that people should donate their own money to the poor instead of the government giving hand outs. Um....yeah right!!! I don't count on others to give their own money to support a community of people. I don't buy it and don't think that is the answer. Are poor people suppose to have a rally to show wealthy people that they need to donate. That is freakin' embarrassing as it is to stand in line trying to get food for your hungry child just because you were part of a lay off. It is unfair and not honorable.

I know there will always be someone that will abuse government aid and I am for people taking responsibility for their own life and working for their needs. I am also for not kicking people when they are already down! I am for reforming the system of welfare to prevent abuse as well as allowing a grace period of someone who found work to build up their bank account before cutting them off welfare. The loop hole is the immediate cut off of gov aid when you find a job. Sometimes you need 3-4 paychecks to get back to where you were before the job loss. But as it stands you lose aid immediately. So people stop looking because they can get through life on a very low wage without the fear of not making enough and not being approved for aid.