Under this headline, there’s a picture of a capsule breaking open with a zillion pink fish eggs (or something that look like pink fish eggs) coming out of the capsule. It looks gross, almost scary. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this ad as I’ve seen it pop up on news pages, individual feature stories, and all over the place.

These days, does anyone really believe an ad like this? In my common sense way, I’d figure no, no way could anyone believe this advertisement. And yet, they must, or this ad wouldn’t be shown in all the rich variety of places I’ve seen it. In fact, the ad is in so many places that it must be a real money-maker for whoever creates the product.

Advertising works, which is why it is such a huge business and you can’t go anywhere without seeing (or hearing) ads. Somehow clever ads sneak into your subconscious without passing through your conscious brain at all. And if it does pass through the conscious mind in order to activate its subtle command of “buy this!” in the subconscious, people don’t care.

Ads annoy me, which is why I notice them only to deliberately ignore them. I’m sure they still manage to affect me, but since I don’t have a lot of spare money, it doesn’t damage me financially buying stuff I don’t need. The only reason for advertising in the first place is to get you to buy stuff you don’t need because you’ll buy the stuff you need naturally. You need it, after all. You need food, but then, you do not need Super Crispy Totally Sugared Cereal with a tiger on the box. That’s why you don’t see ads for most real foods, only ads for highly processed, profitable chemicalized non-food.

Well, I suppose there are folks who will buy the gloppy pink gross-looking fish egg goo. But I’ll bet you they’ll be back to dieting right after the disappointment about the fish goo wears off. #food #non-food #diet #fish-egg-goo #advertising #pneill