There are a lot of reward sites on the internet, some have been around for year and have survived the "dot com depression" and MyPoints is one of them. When they first started the prize levels were low then they evened out with a point system that was even; one point was equal to once cent. That went the way of the dinosaur because of the abuse of the site and multiple accounts.

I hadn't cashed out there in a while and had over 4,000 points to spend, the only gift cards I would be interested in would be for Wal-Mart or GameStop but I saw the sidebar for Facebook Codes. Hummm. That seemed a little strange, why wasn't it phrased as "Facebook credits"? Seeing as how I had nothing to lose I decided to spend 1,500 of my points on a $7.50 Facebook Code.

In order to actually do the redeem process you have to let an app called Ifeelgoods to connect with you. I don't like that because I want to know exactly who I am allowing access to my information. There are two "allow" screens that you have to address to. To me this is moronic because the credits are not added to your account as MyPoints states; you get a code that you have to use at the Facebook page.

So I ended up with 75 more Facebook credits for my 'purchase'. It only took a couple of minutes to do all the steps needed and it is a legit offer. This has nothing to do with the "earn pages" that used to appear on Facebook or any of the scam sites that claim to offer free credit for surveys or cheats on how to get free Facebook credits.

When I checked my inbox there was an email from [email protected]; what is the whole point of having to allow them access to my information when they end up sending you an email with the code in it? I removed them from my app list when I saw the credits were added to my account.

Even though it can take a while to earn points through MyPoints by viewing their emails (five points each), over time it adds up. There's no way I am going to spend actual money on Facebook credits so this is a nice alternative that is legit and safe.

This is the screenshot of my balance before I did the redemption. I wanted to make sure that the numbers were right. This is what you will see once you have entered your MyPoints password in order to redeem your points. Pay attention to the screens because there are two of them that you have to click through. Once you get the code on the end screen you will see this message. Please keep in mind that you are also going to get an email from the company honoring the reward. You will not be able to use the code a second time. If you wish to redeem again, you will have to go through the whole process another time. My total balance after the credits were added. The actual "code" is for a $7.50 Facebook Code; that breaks down to 75 credits. I plan on using these credits from time to time to buy bonuses and tickets for Candy Crush Saga. Wonder how you can use Facebook credits to buy tickets needed to get to the next level? Check out my piece here:


Photo: King Games, My Points, Facebook