I have been a member of Swagbucks for a couple of years and in that time I have earned a nice chunk of change; most of it has been redeemed for PayPal that gets deposited in to your account once you verify the order.

Earning with Swagbucks is not hard but if you try to cheat the system in any way, your account will be cancelled and you will lose whatever points you have saved up. That's one of the main reasons I stay away from the Swagbucks TV offers; earning 3SB for watching ten videos isn't worth it for me.

There are offers that you can try out and daily surveys that you can do but not everyone is going to qualify for them. What really sucks is getting ten minutes in to one and you suddenly don't qualify for it or there is some snafu with the page loading. I have been burned a couple of times with certain companies and their surveys and if I see their name on it when it loads I just exit out of it. I have no doubt that they purposely stall pages to get the information that they want and then give you an error screen so you can't collect.

If you decide to do the surveys through the portals you have to make sure you are credited for them before you close the page. If not you have no proof to submit and some of the companies that offer surveys through the site can ask for the most meaningless information. I avoid them too.

How can you earn Facebook credits? You don't actually earn credits, you redeem for a Facebook card ($5.00) at the redemption center and they post the code for you on your gift card page. All orders have to be verified so make sure you check your email and verify it or it won't be processed. I have only cashed out once for a card but it only took a couple of days to get it. The PayPal ones usually take about a week.

This is an easy way to feed your gaming addiction and you don't have to spend 'money' on the card. The card will cost you 500 points to redeem for a $5.00 card. That gets transferred over to 50 Facebook credits when you redeem the code at the site. You can make 500 points in a couple of days if you hit a few surveys or take advantage of a free or trial offer.

If you try the site and like it, there are daily bonuses for filling you meter plus a monthly bonus for hitting it every day. When I first started I wasn't really into the site and just used it for searches but there has only been one month that I didn't get the 300SB bonus for the month.

As long as you follow their rules and don't try to cheat them, they do pay out. There are a lot of ways to earn but trying to rush it will lead to your account being cancelled. There are a lot of sites that have user reviews where they have people who claim their accounts were terminated for no reason.

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Photo courtesy of Swagbucks