In my opinion, dumpster diving should be an Olympic sport, but they don’t listen to my opinion so we’ll just accept it as an interesting American pastime. I owned a flea market and antique mall for many years so I became very adept at locating fruitful dumpsters.

I found that people tend to throw away a lot of things that are perfectly good, usable or at best fixable. Over the years I have honed my talents at repairing and refinishing furniture and have sold many pieces that were found in the local dumpsters, so dumpster diving became somewhat lucrative.

After I sold the flea market and retired, the need for used furniture and other items greatly diminished but it came to my attention that the library throws away tons of books and magazines. I love books—novels, cook books, magazines, do it yourself books-just books. But, even though the books were wonderful, I don’t have room for all of them so I set out to find an outlet for them. Nursing homes love books and magazines—so a partnership was born. I pulled out the books and magazines, kept the ones I wanted and passed on the rest to the nursing home.

There was always a wide selection of magazines for older men and women, and novels to be enjoyed by both. They were thrilled to have a new stream of reading material to keep them occupied.

It absolutely makes me crazy to think of books being thrown out, destroyed or abused so this was a wonderful pastime for me in my retirement and a wonderful treat for the nursing home residents.

image source:morguefile