When the ads for Duck Dynasty first came on A&E, I thought what a dumb concept for a show. It was not until an ad for a bunch of guys eating a "Vietnam Surprise" and then paying the consequences in an RV came on that I decided to watch. I am glad that I did. This show has got to be one of the funniest on all of TV.

The show follows the patriarch of the Robertson family, Phil, and his kids as they make a fortune from selling duck calls and all sorts of other related items. The family dynamics in the show are a throwback to earlier days before rampant divorce and other societal problems were as much in the mainstream.

Season 3 just started, and the season is off to a great start. In one of the new episodes, the family goes hunting on "Duck Season's Eve" and all but Jase hang out in the aforementioned RV. In another episode, Uncle Si gives dating advice by talking of all the other fish in the sea, such as "blue fin tuna, gold fin tuna..." Here is my lengthy review of this great show that is on A & E every Wednesday at 10 pm EDT.