Outdoorsman and Entrepreneur Willie Robertson, one of the stars of A&E's Duck Dynasty has expanded yet again. Earlier this year, Duck Dynasty paraphernalia started appearing in Wal-mart.

His new venture is a diner in West Monroe (Duck Dynasty features many West Monroe locations) called "Duck Diner."

The menu is to include all the food you would expect from an American diner, plus lots and lots of duck.

Willie Robertson, and the rest of the Robertson clan can seem to do no wrong. Everything they touch turns to gold, from Phil Robetson's double reed duck call that started it all, to A&E's Duck Dynasty television show, their many hunting videos. Si and Willie also recently did cameos on "Last Man Standing."

What I like most about the Robertsons is that they stick to their values. It is readily apparent when watching the series. They act like a real family. They laugh, argue, play, hunt, and eat together.

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Photo by: Marten Correns