California deperately needs water. All the reservoirs are at record low levels and it is getting much worse as the weeks go by. I lived in Northern Californial for over 44 years, so it it really hard to see it this way. Right now Folsom lake is 22% of normal, but has revealed something interesting. Researchers have found remnants of a flooded Gold Rush Town. They have discovered parts of buildings and artifacts that were from 1848 when those settled here during the time gold was discovered nearby. Then in the 1950's the dam was built and this area was flooded.

The picture I attached is what Folsom Lake should look like and it did look like a few years back when the local waterskiers and fisherman would enjoy the lake for general recreation, close to home.

This lake is located in a town, called Folsom, which is outside Sacramento, California. Now, when you see the pictures in the newscast in the link below, it defininitely looks pretty bad, but the history is quite intriguing.

Newscast Link:

Image Source: Free to use from , photo by news10 photographer.