We all know that virtual keyboards on tablets are not as comfortable as normal desktop keyboards. Whenever we rest our fingers on tablet, we see some letters that we don't want on the screen because of the touch sensitivity. Skype co-founder Mr. Markson introduced a new keyboard called 'Dryft' to solve this problem. Dryft is in beta stage now. Here are the features of dryft......

Touch -tap technology : It detects whether a tablet user is resting or typing when touching the keys. Users to rest their fingers on home row keys before typing any letters. Today's tablets will give some unintended key stokes when you rest your fingers.

Dynamic keyboard : Dryft tracks the user's fingers while resting on the glass. The home row keys automatically come to your fingers and you don't have to search for those home row keys always.

Multiple language support : Dryft works with many language models to minimize the errors in typing. It adapts to your typing style, and lowers your dependance on auto-correct.

When it comes out of beta stage, it will create a trend in tablet typing that is for sure. :)

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image source : http://dryft.com