If you are looking for a way to cut soda out of your diet, but miss the fizzy content of soda, then viable alternative might be drinking Perrier water. I used to love buying little Perrier waters a few years back, but I had stopped doing that because I felt I should always fill up a water container to take with me. However, the truth is I quickly become bored of just drinking plain old water, even when I put lemon in it. So what is a good alternative if you do not want to resort to drinking soda, but would still like a little bit of carbonation.

There are many carbonated waters on the market, but I have always had a soft spot for Perrier. Years ago I used to enjoy taking my niece and nephew to a convenience store near their house, and I would always by them a dollar toy. When I was buying them a toy I would also get a Perrier or a Clearly Canadian Water, but the former was always my favorite.

As I said previously a few years had gone by since I had been drinking Perrier water because I was trying to bring a water container with me each day, I found over the last few months I had fallen in the bad habit of drinkinjg soda again. One day I was going in the local convenience store as usual to find a Coke, and I happened to spot the grapefruit flavored Perrier water. I think this grapefruit carbonated water is my favorite, but I also like the Citron flavored, which is lemon in English.

The price of a 16 oz Perrier water bottle is $1.49 at most convenience stores in California, but sodas such as Coke and Pepsi are often a $1.89 for one 20 oz bottle. A 20 oz bottle of soda has 240 calories, whereas the 16 oz bottle of Perrier water has zero calories, so I know which choice is better for me. For one bottle of soda or water you have to pay a CRV of 5 cents, which is basically our state incentive to get people to recycle the bottles to get this money back. This is why you see a lot of homeless people walking around town collecting empty water bottles and soda because they can make a little bit of cash for food. So the next time you get a water bottle or soda bottle, might as well give it to someone who is collecting these out of trash cans. I would rather give my empty bottles to them as recycling the bottles is a hassle for me, and it does not go in the landfill this way. I digress, but just wanted to share my renewed love with a sparkly water that is better than soda. I am not affiliated with Perrier, by the way, but I just happen to love their flavored waters.