Dragon City Halloween Event or Halloween Island-Buy all needs in Halloween event or Halloween Island and get the frankie dragon, Things u need: * Brain.exe * DragonCity Account * Site (Scrolldown to see the site)

  1. Open dragon city
  2. Open the site
  3. After you open the site, it will show the adfly-wait 5 second then click skip ad,
  4. Go to dragon city then right click, find the view frame source
  5. Press ctrl + F then search for sessionid then you will see this Example "sessionId":69979579.. etc
  6. Copy the number of sessionid then paste to the site(in the box of USERKEY)
  7. Then go to dragon city, scrolldown then look for your facebook ID
  8. Copy facebook ID then paste to the site(in the box of Facebook ID)
  9. After that Fill all the blanks, put the 1st blank (18) 2nd (8) 3rd (11) 4th (11) 5th (45) 6th (45) Amount At Quest 1 - EYES (x/18). Please input value : 18-x Amount At Quest 2 - BLACK CATS (x/8). Please input value : 8-x Amount At Quest 3 - CANDIES (x/11). Please input value : 11-x Amount At Quest 4 - CROSSED BROOMS (x/11). Please input value : 11-x Amount At Quest 5 - WITCH HATS (x/45). Please input value : 45-x Amount At Quest 6 - PUMPKINS (x/45). Please input value : 45-x
  10. Click submit (Use ur commosense)
  11. Reload ur Dragon city, then open the Halloween Event or Halloween Island...Taddaaa! Congrats ^_^ well done check ur storage to see the dragon.. Thanks. I hope you injoy it,, Note: Use at Ur Own Risk.. if you didn't get the instruction,,click this link to watch, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F77OnEqA3Sc&feature=youtu.be Site(Trick Tool) http://vps.hostsell.us/event.php http://www.bubblews.com/news/1384717-dragon-city-all-in-one-collectionnew-tricks