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Last night I was talking to a friend who thinks she might have pneumonia and doesn't have health insurance yet. She said, "if only I could talk to a Dr., tell him how I feel and and know if it's serious or just a cold.'

Lo and behold, on this morning news program I was watching there was a bit about being able to contact a Doctor using my Smartphone or android device. Whoa? Did I hear that right? You know how quickly those news bites are gone and I didn't get the whole story. After my morning coffee I began my online search for more information.

It's true. You can download a Dr. on Demand App and talk with a real life medical professional.

You dial up a licensed doctor on your smart phone and have a face-to-face chat with him or her for $40.00 for 15 minutes. The Dr. gets $30.00. they work in shifts, and the other $10.00 goes to the serving host.

How many of us go to the Internet to find out what may be the cause of our aches, pains etc.? Now we can talk to a Dr., tell him where it hurts and get feedback.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this doesn't become a huge success.

Now I've got to call my friend and tell her about this when it's a little later in the morning for her. I heard the news report at 4:30AM.