When submitting post, I am having second thought of clicking the submit button, especially when there are photos included because I am kinda scared of getting that error problem that will make me start all over again.....

I know most of us are still encountering error page from time to time.

And sometimes the Bubblews.com site is really being slow or down.

And you may wonder as I wonder sometimes, If it is really down or If Its just me. And it sometimes can be annoying to check it from time to time, If It is Down Or Up Or Its Just me?

Oh well, of course, we can check other sites if they are up and bubblews is down, then more likely it is not just Us, right?

But I have something to share with you guys and hopefully will make it easier for you to know If Bubblews.com or other sites you want to check is UP or Down.

Click the link below and then put Bubblews.com or the site you want to check on url box and it will tell you if the site is Up or Down or Just You.....Easier way to monitor the site you want to visit.


So once you get the error or down site problem next time, try using this link and check it out!

We use it everytime to make sure we are on the right track

Happy Bubbling Bubblers!