Hey guys! Who among you here plays this addictive game called DOTA?

I don’t actually play but my friends and my boyfriend play and all of them had become addicted to it that at some point I am feeling that he is leaving me behind. There were certain times where in we agreed to have video calling at this time but he logs in late and it was because he was just playing DOTA and he can’t leave the game as it is already at its peak.

Then there were times as well that while video calling, he suddenly stopped talking and I wondered why? He said he was watching a DOTA game online and it was really thrilling so he was not able to talk.

Even on weekends, instead of just staying at home, he goes to his office as most of his officemates actually play the said game, he goes to the office like eleven in the morning and goes home at three in the early morning the next day!

We had some few quarrels about it but since he is actually asking me for permission now before he goes to play the game, then I am actually letting him do it. It’s better than having another woman.

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