I love solar dancers. I have a variety of them. I even have some seaonsonal ones including ones dedicated to Halloween and Christmas themes. Yet, I do not have any Valentine themed ones. Today, the Dollar Tree site sent me an email announcing that customers can order Valentine Solar Satin Dancers via their website. Yes, I said Satin dancers. These are little replicas of Satin colored in red and he is holding a tiny pitch fork in each hand.

I love Valentine’s Day and I like I said I love solar dancers. But I think I will pass on purchasing this dancer. Hubby was at our local Dollar Tree. He talked to one of the associates and was told that each Dollar Store could have additional Valentine dancers as well. This may include a cupid and a heart. I am hoping my local store has these in stock soon. These sound way more appealing.

To see a picture of the Solar Dancing Satin one can go to The Dollar Tree Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dollartree