Today, mom and I made one of our usual trips to the Dollar Tree. Both of us loves this store. You never know what you may find.

First, we found the usual things that we love: frozen strawberries, a wonderful body soap, some cotton balls, and some cotton swab like applicators I can use to apply my eye makeup. Then I found a really cool item I love: a solar dancing elf. He is so cute. He is dressed in red and green clothing. When the light hits his solar panel he dances. I got a few of these to put in my windows for Christmas decorating. One of the clerks at the store told me that the Dollar Tree also carries solar dancing Santas. These I can supposedly purchase online and have shipped to the store. Will definitely check these out when I have the time. I am in love with all these solar dancing items.

Now, I am wishing they would make some new ones for Valentine ’s Day. I think a solar dancing red heart would be so cute.

Photo Source: Linda-From-Ohio