Does taking a shower wake you up or does it help you sleep? I feel that there are two camps on the issue of showering. Personally, I take showers in the morning because it helps me wake up and get going. On the contrary, I know a lot of people who take a shower at night before they go to bed because it helps them fall asleep.

It might be due to the fact that I work really early in the morning so I need a little boost and a wake up call to get my routine going. Maybe people who work a night shift might use it as a stress reliever and a way to relax after a hard day if they do not have to sleep and get up early. The one thing that I know, for me, is that I do not think I could take a shower at night and then go right to sleep, but it seems it is a pretty popular concept, at least among those I know.

What about the Bubblers? Does it wake up you or help you sleep?

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