There's no doubt about it #Bubblews has become more popular than ever. When Bubblews was featured on the news I'm sure this caused a rise in accounts on here. With the recent shut-downs of various writing websites, like Yahoo Contributor Network, I think this has also contributed to the rise of accounts. I think this has a possibility of going two different ways. In theory more people would seem to mean more money due to more views and more people interacting with you but I can also see it going the other way. If there are too many people on here then people's posts will get lost. The notifications only show so much so unless you are on here all day you will not be seeing everyone's notification. We have to stay positive though. I really hope that more people will equal more money and not the other way around.

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Photo Source Credit: Photo was selected from the "powered by pixabay" search option available here on Bubblews.