Ask any gardener and he will tell you that frosts occur during the full moon. In fact, here in Maine many gardeners refuse the plant tender crops until after the first full moon in June (If it occurs within the first 7 to 10 days of the month). But the shocking truth is: There is no scientific evidence that frosts occur during the full moon. Mitch Lansky, author and founder of the Maine Low Impact Forestry Project, examined Maine weather records for 38 years to determine if frost is more likely during the full moon. The results showed that the phase of the moon has no affect on frost dates. Penn State Earth and Mineral Sciences also claims there is no connection between the full moon and frost. The lack of scientific evidence should put this "old wive's tale" to rest, but as a Maine gardener I can tell you that it takes more than a scientific study to convince us that frost does not occur during the full moon. (Photo: ganast via Flickr)

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