I often see Bubbles without photos. I occasionally post a Bubble without a photo, but not very often. Do you think that a Bubble does better if you have a photo? Do you think the type or colors in the Bubble photo matter?

I'm a visual person, and I tend to click on Bubbles with an interesting photo. If I'm cruising through the new Bubbles, I usually click on Bubbles that have an interesting photo, perhaps a hobby in which I'm interested like flowers or crafts. Do you think bright colors in photos matter? I'm also a sucker for clicking photos of cute, cuddly animals. I often notice writers putting pictures on their Bubbles that are not related to their Bubbles, like an abstract, colorful jpeg. Do you think that influences their views?

The photo probably doesn't influence visits as a result of search engines, but I wonder if it makes a difference on internal traffic.

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