I have found unclaimed money for many people. I really enjoy it. It really is true that 1 in 8 people you know will have unclaimed money. I have found more than $10,000 for my loved ones and the best part is, it's all free. (Never pay anyone or a website to find the money for you).

Ohio's unclaimed property is really fun to search because it tells what the source is and the exact amount (although it's been a few years since I have used Ohio's). Missouri's unclaimed property tells if it over $50.00 but if it's under $50.00, it will usually give the amount.

If you find your own name in unclaimed property, you can apply for it electronically if you lived at the previous address they have listed. This is the fastest way, although you can print a claim form from the site if it's for a friend, and they can either do it themselves online or fill out the simple form and mail it in via the post office (snail mail).

To find out if you have unclaimed money, go to your google or yahoo search engine and type it like this: unclaimed property MO (replace YOUR state's abbreviation for MO if you do not live in Missouri).

Typing the address this way usually helps lead you to your state treasurer's office who is collecting the interest off your unclaimed money or property. Once you find your state's treasury website, look for "unclaimed property" tab and select "search the database". This will enable you to fill in surnames. Enter the last name and a few letters of the first name.

It's fun to surprise someone, a loved one, a coworker that you know is hurting for money with a larger amount. I love that part!
And I know it's not nice so don't write me hate mail, but on occasion, I look up that stingy, hateful person and see they have money and then I don't tell them!!!

Good luck and please, if you find money because of my advice - do send me a note to let me know!