I've been reading a lot of comments around the internet and social media about Phil Robertson and how he was right to say the things he did because "it’s in the bible." It made me curious about how some of you who feel he was right and treated badly feel about others things "in the bible."

It says in the bible that women are nothing more than property owned first by their fathers and then by their husbands. They are to obey and have no rights. Do you follow this and agree with it?

The bible allows for children and women to be "stoned to death" should the men decide they deserve to be killed. Do you agree with this?

The bible says if you get divorced the woman is considered an adulteress and anyone who marries her is committing adultery. Matthew 5: 31-32

The bible says that anyone who utters the word “You Fool” will be in danger of the fires of hell. Matthew 5:22

The bible says if you look at a woman lustfully then you have committed adultery and should cut out your eye. Matthew 5:27-30 Matthew 5:25-34 These verses talk about not worrying about what you eat, drink, wear…

These are just a few examples of other things "in the bible." There are many more just like it. Does that make it right? If not, why do you only use a part of the bible to justify how you feel about something?

Before you accuse me of being "anti-Christian", I'm not. Jesus is my lord and savior. And I try very hard to live my life as a Christian. However, I also believe that if Jesus were alive today he wouldn't be the one walking around telling anyone, gay people included that they are going to hell.

I will admit that I have a fundamental problem with the bible. There are so many religious books out there they were labeled "heretical" by men and left out of the bible. Who knows what the bible would say if you put them all together.