It doesn’t help a man’s ego when he gets slapped by a woman. Keep in mind women only slap when they are extremely angry. Although women have been slapping men since ancient times, in recent years the slap seems to be a woman’s conventional choice, globally. A slap sometimes comes without warning; least a woman can do is give a sign or indication. Do women like slapping men in the face?

Today, my colleague at work got slapped by another colleague, Yes, the guy that got slapped works in my department (Advertising), while the girl that slapped him works in HR (Human Resources). Let me tell you, the guy who got slapped is not a bad guy; In fact he is a laidback guy who enjoys life. Apparently, this guy had a crush on the girl that slapped him, and he yet does after being slapped. The slapped and the slapper stay in the same neighborhood. The girl who slapped my colleague is going around with another guy.

Both the slapped and the slapper drive to work, they come on bikes, he on a motorbike, and she on a scooter. Yesterday, what my colleague did was puncture the front tire of her scooter so he could drop her home. I know it is a cheap way of reducing distance, but hey all is fair in love and war, I guess! I believe the guy just wanted to get close to her and express his feelings. He told us what he did and got a mixed feedback from our department on his evil act. Anyway, that evening when the girl found her tire flat, the opportunist, my colleague played his part to perfection.

He wore that bewildered and astonished look and offered to drop her home, and she accepted. The next day (today) my colleague was beaming. He had that wry smile of accomplishment. But, it didn’t last long. At around 11.30 am we could see through the glass walls this girl from HR coming towards our department. She asked my colleague to come out and when he did step out, Bam! She slapped him on his face. After 15 minutes of commotion, my visibly shaken colleague returned. We let him be in peace with reddish-pink finger impressions on his left cheek. During lunch we got to know that when this guy was busy puncturing the HR girl’s tire, another girl saw all and gave the HR girl a detailed account of all that happened later that night.

What my colleague did was wrong but I have a few questions I would like to put forth…

Did my colleague in this situation deserve a slap?

What situations do women slap men?

Have you slapped someone?

Have you ever been slapped?

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