With the Northeast US getting hit hard with wintry blasts for the past few weeks; frigid temps and power outages have been rampant. Today's weather is subzero with a wind chill of -32 degrees Fahrenheit. That's dangerously cold.

To help supplement heat during the outages, this DIY clay pot heater shown on #Facebook and #Pinterest has been put to the test and passed. It's easy to put together, provides a moderate level of radiant heat in a small area due to clay's excellent heat retention ability and is safe when used appropriately (as all fire should be.)

This is how to make your own clay pot heater:

Step 1: Assemble the parts list of 4 tea light candles, 1 metal bread baking pan, (the one shown is a mini pan - 6", but typically the full size is used), 1 four or six inch plain clay plant pot (need I say ONLY use unglazed clay, not plastic?), and 1- 6 or 8 inch pot. Basically you need one smaller and one larger pot and the larger the pots used, the more heat that radiates but use what you have.

Step 2: Place lit candles in bread pan and plug the small pot's drain hole with aluminum foil and invert over the top of the pan. (Depending on surface, you may want to place the bread pan on a metal rack or oven mitt to keep from damaging it.)

Step 3: Place the largest pot inverted over the smaller pot. Both pots will rest on the edges of the bread pan leaving space around part of it for air to get in and keep the flames from being extinguished.

Photo credit: SPhilbrick

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