Life’s struggles and its complexities sometimes calls for us to look inwards within ourselves so that we can find develop a positive and healthy attitude towards life itself.

Every one of us has at one time or another experienced peace. It may have lasted a whole day, or it might have been a fleeting moment of peace. In other words, peace is simply an experience we can attain easily – getting away from the kids for a few hours while they are in school; camping out in the wild (if you enjoy that kind of thing), lying down in a quiet room, and the like.

But having peace of mind is another thing entirely. When we yearn for peace of mind, we want it permanently. To experience this state constantly, you need to be in tune with your mind, a thing you can easily achieve through simple meditation – Raja Yoga. You need to ensure having peace of mind has become your lifestyle; only with total peace of mind can you calmly face, and easily overcome life’s trials and tribulations.

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