In addition to immunity, it is the role of physical and mental balance all factors that the body needs. Raw goat milk cure strengthens lungs, so treating cardiovascular and intestinal healing. Cancers detected at an early stage of the disease can be stopped after 90 days treatment.   I give goats milk is the healthiest red, provided that it is eaten raw. strengthens the body and strengthens natural immunity in tuberculosis, anemia, parathyroid disease and chronic rebel generating spasmophilia, hormonal imbalances, incipient cancers, major convalescence or muscle atrophy. How the consumption of raw milk helps the body make it act like a drug, removing weakness, playing vigor and helping the body to fight the disease. Cure goat milk can be done in short bursts of five to ten days, when it is used to energize the body and mineralization prone to certain diseases. The recommended daily amount is 250 ml milk 250 ml morning and evening, at a quarter of an hour after a meal. In the treatment of patients with cancer, goat milk drink for 90 days as follows: 200 ml of a quarter of an hour before breakfast, 200 ml half an hour before lunch and 200 ml of a quarter hour before dinner. If treatment is given to children, goat milk is diluted to 30% with chamomile tea.