Probably many people no longer subscribe to print magazines, but I still get the Westways Magazine that AAA members get free. I don’t remember when they started doing this, but in the recent issue I noticed they are using a gimmick all the Reimer Publications Cooking and Country Living magazines used to use. They ask you to find a small icon hidden in the pages of the magazine somewhere. In Westways, it’s a California poppy.

Normally I can find these objects. But I’m on my third trip through this issue and still can’t find that blasted poppy. I’ve looked at page edges, ads, text, and illustrations. No poppy I can see. It’s probably right in front of my eyes and I’m missing it. I was pretty good at finding the hidden objects in the cooking magazines, but I may have to admit defeat on this month’s issue.

Have you ever gotten any magazines that have these hidden objects? Have you ever found them?

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