It is well-known that Manny Pacquiao, after his recent knockout loss against Juan Manuel Marquez, his archrival in their decade-long quest for boxing supremacy, exuded sportsmanship by accepting his defeat without big time complains and excuses otherwise hurting in the part of the victor. As we all know, not a few mainstream followers of the sport of boxing harbored and hurled bitter opinion on Marquez’s superb performance at vanquishing Pacquiao as enhanced with Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

Marquez accusers took ground on the Mexican great counterpuncher hiring the services of Angel Heredia, the same man who confessed to have provided PEDs to some of the prominent American track and field athletes. Marion Jones was one of them. In what appeared to be credible allegations, Marquez did come as a surprise by reporting on the day of the weigh in and fight night remarkably bulked up. He gained muscles without compromising his weight necessary for the fight, and having accomplished such a northward physical upheaval at 39 got people even more shaking their heads. Indeed Marquez, even on the verge of collapse as a result of Pacquiao’s heavy left bombs detonating on him, managed to launch one counter blow that dropped Pacquiao unconscious a minute or two.

In the ensuing aftermath, it was as easy as walking in the park to figure out that Marquez did also gain force and power. In their three previous encounters, it was Pacquiao who had the luxury of depositing him to the canvas, while Marquez despite having landed the cleaner hits could not put Pacquiao down. On queries following his surprising and bitter defeat, Pacquiao stayed a good sport. He did not make any mention nor hurled accusatory notes regarding Marquez possible used of PEDs, except daring Marquez for an immediate rematch in which the latter did not care to oblige.

On the recent promotional development released by Pacquiao’s illustrious promoter, Top Rank, the Filipino fighting marvel is now recently booked for a ring date against the heavy Californian puncher in the person of Brandon ‘Bam Bam’ Rios (fights:33, wins:31, losses:1, draws:1, Kos:23),the former WBA lightweight title holder. And by all accounts, Rios has the force sufficient to inflict damage on Pacquiao, the only boxer in history to have captured eight world titles in eight different weight divisions. But fighters whose styles are similar to Rios, a brawler – like Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto, and Ricky Hatton – all succumbed to Manny Pacquiao(fights:61,wins:54,losses:5,draws:2, KOs:38).They are fighters whose kind is tailor made for the fighting member of the Philippine House of Representatives.

Still, Rios a knockout artist and seven years Pacquiao’s junior at 27, is without doubt has the puncher’s chance in his pocket and on top of that, as if without reserve, he also hired the services of Angel Heredia, the same shadowy ‘pharmacist’ employed by Marquez for the fourth Pacquiao fight. And in what appears to be Pacquiao’s immediate response to the Rios camp, as per report posted on, for the first time, he is now agreeable and wants random blood testing with the US Anti Doping Agency or USADA to handle the drug testing protocol. Ergo, on a side note, it does not take an Einstein to figure out that Pacquiao himself has had some strong doubts on his formidable Mexican foe.