Hey Dhoom 3 (Bollywood upcoming movie) trailers are out for quite some time. Dhoom series litterally made dhoom everywhere (Tata Young created some dhoom too) .. action , style , bikes , races and awesome dance numbers ..

wooh !!

There was a long wait for Dhoom 3 ..especially when news come that Aamir Khan will be Mr A and there will be Katrina too.

Yuhuuu .. Do you remember Aishwarya Rai's , barbie looks and crooked moves in Dhoom 2 .. Now , to see Katrina sizzling in Dhoom style would be awesome .. (hey , papparazi .. why don't you make DHOOM the next swag word. ? )

Aamir is by far the best , he is being associated with great movies. He has the power to challenge society’s notions and our complicated, rigid education system . He has successfully achieved to bring the change. He has made people movie buff.

Aamir is known for his perfection, I am his huge fan. But, I am afraid to say , I didn't like the trailer ..

I think I would invite lots of negative opinion for this write up ... but .. Aamir (sorry Dhoom franchise) Dhoom is not known for acting .. it’s more of swag ..Coolness ..Bikes ..Stunts …Everything having a Wow factor.

The scene where Aamir slides his bike beneath moving lorry on a highway is breath-taking (notice the space between his head and lorry's tire) , but his face looks like - constipated !

Please don't beat me for this . John Abraham and Hritikh Roshan - the sexiest guys of bollywood , the trend in terms of style they have set ... doesn't match Aamir's persona.

Let’s hope, Dhoom 3 would be huge hit and match upto Aamir's signature niche'. I would be totally floored if Aamir has given any dance performance too.

What's your take on Dhoom 3 and Aamir?

Good Luck Dhoom 3 team.

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