Last night Free Movie Monday's feature was "Despicable Me 2", the obvious follow up to "Despicable Me." All I remembered from the first one is grumpy villain-type guy adopted three adorable girls. I think he was doing it for a tax break- honestly I can't recall, but the little yellow guys were funny.

I did not see the first one in a theater because no matter how late you go, someone has their kids there. Yes, the film was made with kids in mind, but some adults like animation too. We just don't enjoy having the movie disrupted because parents who bring their 5 year olds to a 9:30 PM showing don't know anything about instilling good manners into their spawn. Luckily, Free Movie Monday attracts very few children because you have to be old enough to have a Small Business Beanstalk card to get a free ticket. Nyah, nyah.

To sum up the sequel, it's about 15 minutes of predictable storyline padded out to about 90 minutes with hilarity provided mainly by the Minions. Lots of animated slapstick and brightly colored animation make the movie very watchable. Think of it as bubblegum for the brain. You're not going to find enlightenment, but you'll get a few laughs, and maybe pick up a few words of Minion-speak.

Stay and watch the credits for more Minion laughs.

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