Ingredient: * 750gr meat cow, select non fatty meat * 1 coconut * galangal, crush it * 1 bay leaf * 1 lemongrass, crush it * 3 tablespoon of oil

Seasoning for Mashed: * 7 onions * 4 garlics * 2 teaspoon of coriander * 50gr brown sugar * Little tamarind * Salt

How to Cook Dendeng Ragi ( Jerky Yeast ) - Peeled the coconut, grate it horizontally to get wide grater result - Cut meat into thin width - Mixed the coconut grater, meat, mash seasoning, galangal, bay leaf and lemongrass - Pour water 300cc and cook it in small fire, stirring it slowly - When the water dries, pour oil, cook until the coconut grater turn into brown and the meat becomes tender

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