A real war is upon us, that is what it feels like. People have suffered too much and have gone out on the streets to fight against the regime. Now I was really surprised to see protests starting yesterday since there was no word that it was planned. Maybe there was but it never got to me.

Protests have turned into real rioting, similar to the ones in Ukraine, but I am glad. I was there this morning to give my support since I am also one of the many who is unemployed and wishes for a better future for all of us. I couldn't stay for long since I had other commitments to attend to, but protests have turned into rioting and ended with police showing brutality towards protestors. I do not approve any act of violence, but I am glad that people have finally had enough.

There are still protests in front of government building, which looks like it has been hit with a grenade. I am glad and always will be that change is happening.

Photo credit: Kameleon.ba

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