Today in my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina buildings of great importance were set on fire. People here have started massive demonstrations, and in all major cities government and other similar buildings were burning. People here are fed up with these terrible politicians. It is very hard to live here. Young and educated people are sitting at home, unemployed without the possibility to get a job and start a family. It is absolutely terrible. Few days ago protests started in Tuzla, and then they started to spread all over the country.

Today, at 1 pm, were demonstrations in my town, Travnik. Of course I was there and I must say that I was so proud that so many people were there. We were gathered in front of the government building, and it was peaceful in the beginning. Then someone threw a tomato, and after that rocks were flying. The windows got smashed and totally destroyed. The police was standing in front of the building.

I am glad that this is finally happening, because this country needs changes. The situation here is terrible. People are tired of being silenced with false promises. The change must happen, and I think that it begins to happen. Hopefully, there will be some results from all of this. I will keep you posted with further news.

Photo credit: looking4poetry / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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