Here I am, working my way through comments on my articles here so I can get around to viewing some articles and do some liking and commenting myself. Then, alas, I made the error of checking my email.

There I saw in the subject field of one email, "payment declined" from my wholesale supplier for my Amazon products that I sell. Not a good thing considering that this delays my orders to my customers.

So I called the bank and after the 12,439 security questions were all answered properly, I received the answer that the credit side of my debit card had been shut down. This was because the bank felt that locally, somewhere here in Houston (they will not specify), my account information has been compromised. This meaning that somewhere I used the card recently the data base was hacked and account information from customers learned by the hacker.

I asked the bank what do I do about all the various auto-pay that I have associated with that card, such as utilities, cell phone and various other bills. I was told that the debit side of the card still worked and that I would need to supply the PIN number in order to use the card. That is something that is not possible when you have everything set up online as it would be set up with the credit side of the card with no PIN number requested or no way to enter that sensitive information on these other sites. Nor is it recommended that you would ever enter your PIN number online!

The replacement card, with new number, will be a week to ten days to get here. This will encompass that joyful task of going everywhere online and entering the new card number and information on the various auto-pay accounts.

Fortunately for us, most of the bills are paid for the month, and the few that are coming up are set up with auto-pay directly from the bank. However, there was one I had to go into and pay the current bill using an eCheck as there was not alternative way to pay using the bank account directly.

Not complaining here about the bank, with the exception that I had to call them and they had not called me, but it is upsetting about these hackers out there! The safeguards by the bank is greatly appreciated, but the headaches and lost time caused by the hacker is a royal pain in the you know what!

With the above in mind, be aware that this could happen to you. People hack into data bases all the time! So be prepared. I would recommend that is you use auto-pay for any of your bills to try and set it up directly with your bank and bank account bypassing your debit or credit card. This way should the card be limited such as in this case, your bills will still be paid on time.

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