Several years ago, I was in a writing group with a guy named Walt Trizna (here's his blog - and he gave us a great piece of advice: "Nobody ever died from a rejection slip." Yes it hurts when you've spent months working on a story which you think is fantastic, only to have some editor send you a "It does not meet our needs at this time" form rejection. But there are other publishers in the sea. And the best way to get back at an editor who rejects your story is to have it published in an even better magazine.

I do have to mention, that after I heard this piece of advice, I set out to write a story disproving it. My story "Rejection," which appears in my anthology A Man of Few Words ( is a letter written by a widow to a magazine editor. Her dear husband spent a great deal of time writing a story, and when the reply came, he ripped open the self-addressed stamped envelope giving himself a papercut. But instead of an acceptance, it was a form rejection letter. He became depressed, the cut became infected, and he died. So on one hand it wasn't the rejection that killed him, but the SASE. Those you have to watch out for. :D

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