Daytona 500 Happens Today: Danica Patrick Looks to Make History

Well, Well Bubblews, today is the 500 where Danica Patrick looks to become the first female drive to win the race in it's extensive history. I use to watch the Daytona 500 as a child but as I grew older, I quickly became a bigger fan of F1 - Formula 1 Racing and Indycar Racing. However this weekend there has been a big change in the way I look at the traditional stock car racing as Danica Patrick takes the wheel, and has won pole position. She has now become the first woman ever to achieve this landmark in the racing world. It has become a great anticipation while we wait the results of the Daytona 500 to see if her extensive knowledge of driving can guide her to victory in this race.

The Daytona 500 happens today, in Florida, which is a southern US state in a subtropical climate belt, which explains how they are able to host this race at the end of winter, when the rest of the country is still partially snow-bound. The race will begin in a few hours, currently is it 11am Toronto time, so there is a bit to go before this one gets underway. If Danica is able to make history it should be all over the news and Bubblews tomorrow as we celebrate this great achievement in sporting history. Let's all say it together, "We Love You Danica!"