Make money for your time spent online!!

Hey bloggers I have another money-making oppurtunity for you, in the form of Amazon gift cards only- but seriously worth checking out

*Must have time and Patience! (it took me about a week and a half to get a conformation email/response) *Payments are made via Amazon Gift Cards ONLY -- NO PAYPAL! *Sign up is fast and easy! "Request an Invite" * Must be 18+ U.S citizen with a valid goverment issued I.D (see FAQ page)

I recived my response from Darwins Data today! For those that dont know Darwin’s Data is an online survey panel and research company. They pay you $10 AGC just for completing the new member questioner and $25/AGC per survey you complete. You can find more info or get started by 'Request an Invite' here:

The new member profile took me about 10mins to complete and im now waiting for my $10 AGC via email! this is a great oppurtunity if you have the time and patience for it. I believe from the emails recieved that the surveys are set up be done/ you cant leave and come back as they will lock-out and you will not be able to finish/recieve credit so be prepard to do it BEFORE you open the survey.

Get Paid for every survey you complete. Amazon E-Gift card. Load it to your exsisting amazon account and save for birthdays or Holidays!
No expiration date!