Story Time with James is a series of articles will be about the funniest, most awkward/embarrassing moments in my life. This one is about a dare that backfired, and made me look like a complete idiot. Let's get started.

So here I was, sitting amongst a group of friends, all in a circle. We were playing truth or dare. I saw this as an opportunity to impress a girl I liked, she was SUPER FIT may I just point out. So I decide to pick dare! As an act of manlyness puts on cool guy shades. Unfortunately, I had a very awkward dare, it was to ask out a girl who lived nearby. She was rather... not good looking should I say, and known for "various sexual activities!" as my friend kindly put it. Of course, I was stuck between being a nice guy, and looking like a wimp in front of my friends. So I went through with the dare, this is where everything got worse for me. SHE SAID YES. If it was a no, sure, my friends would laugh, but now I have to break up with the girl, which I had never done before. I didn't want to look like and asshole who asks a girl out then immediately breaks up with them, so this was quite tricky to tackle. Even worse, she told me she had a crush on me for awhile now... shit. WHAT DO I DO? NOTHING. Because I was stupid. ON TOP OF THAT, she was known to have sex with just about any guy who dates her. Even on the first day... I start to panic, there is no way I will lose my virginity to her! nononoononono.. but what if. That's what scared me, what if? What if she seduced me or something? I quickly asked my friend to lend me a condom just in case. I wasn't planning on using it, but alcohol was around, so anything could happen.

I head to where the party is going to take place, once there I see two of my friends messing around with some strange item in their hands... blowing it up and putting it on their heads. Ah of course, it's the condom they brought for me... oh great, my "girlfriend" starts walking over to me, she asks why I need a condom. I'm like 'What condom?' she replies 'The one ***** and ***** brought for you!'. OK so now she thinks I plan on having sex with her, GREAT! How the hell do I get out of this one.

Later on we start making out, yeah I know right, STILL HAVEN'T BROKEN UP. I called my friend who dared me, he couldn't stop laughing and wanted to join us. He didn't know how to get to the party so I agreed to meet him somewhere he knew, about 100m away round the corner and down the road. Once he arrives, the two of us start walking back to the crowd. Out of no-where, the girl I liked sends me a text saying that my girlfriend is cheating on me! AHA! This is good, now I have a reason to break up with her! I briskly walk round the corner and head towards her, she see's me, must have realised what I was about to do. Beep Beep, a text... from her...? SHE BROKE UP WITH ME! By text! 20M away!

Somehow everyone I knew found out about what happened, except the fact it was a dare, which no-one believed. So to recap, I asked out a girl well below my "league", apparently I was using her for sex (hence the condom), and she broke up with me! All within the space of 4 hours. Dare gone wrong, I look like an idiot. And to this day I still get mocked for it... sigh