While picking up my regular favorites in the yogurt section I noticed the #Dannon Coffee House Selects in the caramel macchiato flavor. I don't know if this is something new,but I have never noticed it before. I decided to try it.They come in a four pack,no singles,which gave me pause,but I bought it anyways.Heck,I love coffee and I like caramel too,it had to be good didn't it? Nope. I have gotten used to the greek yogurt which is thicker and creamy and this is thin.Not a drawback if you are used to regular yogurt. The flavor had a little coffee taste and a tiny bit of caramel with a bad aftertaste. It reminded me of the cheaper store brand yogurts that sometimes have that aftertaste to them. I was disappointed but will see if I can eat them anyways.I hate wasting. This is not something I would recommend.

#yogurt photo is mine