Divide watercress stems before cooking!!! Not bad!! If you are a fan of kale, either ca kale, spinach paste, cos kale, etc., related to kale, perhaps this story may be a consideration for you at the time of going to consume kale.

I got this story from a friend, but I forgot where exactly in which country, which clearly between Singapore / Malaysia. At one day at the famous hospital, all the doctors were baffled simply because there a handsome little boy suffering from abdominal pain. The boy was taken to hospital by her parents after 2 days with diarrhea. Already various stomach medicine given to the child, but the diarrhea not heal.

At the hospital, the child's parents asked the doctor, what foods course that has been eaten by the child during these 2 days. Parents boy's confusion, because since her child's diarrhea automatic do not want to eat, he only drinks milk, it was immediately removed again. After investigate calibaration, apparently before suffering diarrhea, night child The kale has just invited to eat at the restaurant by the cos parents.

Doctor immediately perform x-rays, it turns out the child intestines have breed leeches with a small child. Doctors lift hand and are unable to take any medical action. Finally a handsome little boy who passed away hapless world.

Investigate a investigate, it turns out that leech previously residing in the trunk kale are great. Indeed, for fans of the most delicious kale cos is the trunk, what more if it is cooked by an expert, then spinach cos it would be crunchy. Leeches are in the trunk The kale will not die even if cooked for anything, let alone for kale cos prosesmemasak not too long to generate a sense of kale is delicious. leeches will just die if burned.

The boy in the gut, leeches that had only 1 in 2 days multiply rapidly due to continuous blood sucking No, the doctor automatically confusion, how to turn off / cleanse leeches that have been very much that of the poor boy's intestines.

Honestly, ever since hearing that story, my favorite would be the kale reduced, arguably already one month I did not consuming spinach in any form, not because of being paranoid, but for the better I keep all the possibilities that exist, yet not only spinach that we consume, there are many other vegetable can we eat to minimize any possibility of a "leech" who tucked inside.

Hopefully this story can be a consideration for us all the time want to eat kale.

Some opinions: My mom's working at the time of the Dutch Hospital, the incidence of been there since my mother Missionary work in hospitals (hospital dutch) To My mother always taught her children-2 if the cook kale stems should be cut one by one. Whatever vegetables that have the rod such as how to cook kale should be split. It's that cook themselves. But if we eat in the restaurant, it should be a lot of praying before meals. Thank you.

Warning: Those who would like kale - may be washed before cooking I'll use salt water or ductile-2 leech off of vegetables.

I hope useful :D