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Yesterday, it felt as if a thick fog of lack and poverty hovered over my home. I knew it wasn’t from my personal situation, because I have all I need, nevertheless I knew there was a deeper meaning.

Everywhere I turn, I hear the stories of lack and ‘not enough.’ Fear is thick in our families, communities, country, and world, and as we listen to the unfolding drama of debt, we’re tempted to slip into the rhythm of lack and desperation.

The truth remains; we are a blessed people! We are abundant!

We’ve fallen into a trance like state believing that money is our only hope, and as we hear the debt of our nation, and watch greed consume our brothers and sisters, we lose sight of who we are, and forget that our abundance is not sourced by the government.

The lack and poverty that hovered over my home yesterday was that of my community. There seems to be not enough, but this stems from our delusional sense of entitlement.

It’s time we wake up to who we are and realize that the government is not our source. The government continues to paint a picture of lack and irresponsibility, but we must shift our focus and wake from our slumber. We’ve been living in a nightmare of despair and poverty, but this is just a dream.

As long as we believe the government and man is our Source of supply then we will suffer. The government as doled out meager monthly allotments and we accepted the minute amount as our only hope and source. As the news unfolds and we’re told these meager allotments will vanish, we tremble in fear!

Do you not see the limits you’ve placed on yourself? Do you not see the truth behind the lie? The fabricated institutions told you that you could do no better than a small monthly check, but I’m here to tell you, abundance is our birthright!

Regardless of what I hear, see, or read we are a blessed people and we are abundant!

Man, regardless of form, is not our source! When we depend and put our trust in man, we will live in a state of fear, but we can rise above it all when we understand that God is our only true Source.


I place my hope and trust in God and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has never once failed, and never will fail!

Everything I need shows up in the Divine right way, and always in Perfect time!

I refuse to fall into the pit of despair and wear a cloak of poverty!

I AM ABUNDANT and I will believe it for you until you believe it for yourself!

I Love You Jounda

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