Good morning everyone! For some it may be night or evening time. Either way,I hope that your day will be or has been great. I was able to get plenty of sleep lastnight. I woke up this morning with writing on my mind.

I have not set any Bubblews goals lately. However, I have still been able to achieve some of the previous goals that I set for myself. In the past I wanted to be able to post a certain amount of articles per day. I quickly found this to be a difficult task. I aimed for the max of 10 articles per day. My work schedule makes it hard to post 10. I have found that a number of things here on #Bubblews have contributed to my success. The content to me is just as important as the amount of articles you post. You can post 10 articles, but if the content is not good they may not earn as much money as an article that is filled with good content. Great connections and being active also are #contributors to success.

Instead of setting weekly goals I have decided to start setting daily goals. The free time that I have daily varies based upon my workload and what I have to do for my kids after school. Today should be a good day as I don't have many plans for later. One of my goals today is to catch up on my Bubblews Notifications. Thanks for reading!

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