I always wear a moisturizer living in Florida, and try to find one with an SPF, so that I don't get skin cancer. I really don't care how much I pay for the ones that I use on my body, but when it comes to my face, I want one that I really like.

I have bought several tubes of the CVS Skin Defending Daily Moisturizer SPF30. I wear it mainly when we stay at the beach, as other days the majority of the time, I am indoors.

The tube looks very similar to the Neutrogena one, so I guess it is their generic brand of it. It is untinted, and the size is 1.7 fl oz. It is water resistant too.

The cream comes out in a thin white ribbon. I only use a tiny amount for my face, neck, and ears. It has a very light fragrance to it, which is very feminine. It rubs in well, and isn't at all greasy.

When I am at the beach I apply it first thing, after lunch, and late afternoon. This way I am protected from the sun, and my skin stays moist, and doesn't dry out.

I only buy it when it is on sale, or when I have enough CVS's extra bucks to get it free.

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Photo: Susan Slade