Here is a word for you: Cryptoscopophilia. According to Pinterest, tumblr, the Oxford English Dictionary, and various online dictionaries, this word is basically defined as a desire to look into homes as ones passes by. I have seen it referred to as a form of voyeurism and while I guess that is true, voyeurism has a negative connotation and I view cryptoscopophilia in a much warmer light. Plus, voyeurism is an act and cryptoscopophilia is more of a want. Ever since I can remember, I have loved seeing the warm glow of lights from homes as I pass by them while driving. I have always thought it one of the most peaceful feelings. Now I know there could be all sorts of horrible things going on behind that warm glow, but for my peace, I like to think of happy families. Eating dinner, talking, homework taking place, family game night, tv watching…the list is endless of good things. It’s kind neat to have a word associated with something you did not realize had a word.