Cronut addicts wait for their daily treat in NYC. Photo by Peter

What are these Cronuts people are talking about? Is this a new form of gut bomb designed to create an addiction? Yes! A New York bakery called Dominique Ansel Bakery makes only 200 of the delicious delights every day. People line up around the block to get their hands on one. You had better believe there will be imitations galore, too.

A Cronut is a croissant that is shaped like a donut, complete with a hole. The cronut is tossed in sugar. Sometimes, a filling is injected into the croissant. The whole thing is fried in grape seed oil and drizzled with icing. That's it! Who can resist a croissant that is a filled donut at the same time?

The originals retail for $5, but there are reports about black market version that go as high as $40 each. What? Cronut addicts have been known to burst into tears and lose their tempers after finding out that they missed out on Ansel Bakery's daily quota.

This is where small businesses mess up. If they can't expand to meet growing demand, someone will find a way to make the product more widely available. Now people are hitting Craigslist to find black market cronut delivery services. has other hybrids including "They are Porckles (pulled pork-filled dill pickles), Brrr-itos (Sweet cinnamon crepes filled with ice cream and toppings, then rolled like a burrito), Craquin Jack (quinoa clusters covered in molasses), Muschup (mustard-ketchup mix), PusaBuns (American cheese-stuffed corn tortillas to be used as buns), Brones (brownie ice cream cones) and Cron Dogs (cronut-wrapped hot dog)."

A Crone Dog or Brones sounds good right now.