#Cristy-Fermin of #CRISTY-FERMINUTE said in her blind item that a well-known personality that has a foundation is rumored to be replacing the branded canned goods relief goods to a local canned goods. This is already an old news. Every time there are calamities in the Philippines known personalities and government officials are the ones benefiting from the relief goods and not the victims or survivors. This is the reason why the donors course their donations to Non-Government Organization but the government wants the donation to pass through them. So they claimed that this is the reason why there are delay in the distribution of relief goods. They claimed that the goods will not be taxed as long as it will course through them.

This is really annoying and frustrating, the government should make an exception because this are donations for the needy. This behavior should be remove but I think it had been happening ever since so I think it will be hard to totally remove it. Anyway, the distribution of relief goods and donations are going smoothly now.