Local Indianapolis TV WTHR just reported on the late news that a lot of criminal activity took place this evening.

The first episode was a high speed chase that began with a traffic stop. The driver took off on a main thoroughfare and ended up in a residential area. Speeds reached 105 MPH, and it turned out the driver was wanted on a murder charge from 2012. The suspect wrecked the car in a ditch and took off on foot. Police warned people in the area to lock their doors. The suspect was captured.

Next the report came in that a car was driven to a hospital with the car full of bullet holes. It turns out that the car was shot up, and the driver was able to drive to the hospital. Tragically one of the occupants in the car died at the hospital. The other occupant is expected to survive. Police at the time of the broadcast had just begun the investigation.

Finally there was also a report of a man getting shot tonight when his car was carjacked.

Indianapolis is not a very safe place to be tonight.