I've been busy recently finding some creepy story and this one caught my interest, this story called "The Expressionless". I have read the full story and it is very questionable if this story is Fake or Real. Because of this I will share my thoughts on if this story were true or not. In the story, the featured creepy things stated here is a girl who look likes a manequin that having a shark-like teeth. The girl also covered with a bloody gown that looks like she's having a married celebration a while ago. The main character of this story was the doctor encharge of this case. In the story this doctor having a trauma after experiencing and see on her two eyes a creepy things, because of this the title of this creepy story was titled to the reaction of this doctor. So it is fake or real? For my oppinion, it is real because this kind story was viral in our place and many people here believe on this because they experienced some creepy things in late 1990's. Read the whole stroy here http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Expressionless Photo credit from creepy pasta #personal-share #awesometips